Russ Risdon

Russ is well known for shredding the Pacific North West.
Here’s a couple of his favorite spots:


Alsea Falls, Oregon

Tucked into the forest just west of Corvallis is the growing MTB area of Alsea Falls. A fairly steep and long fire road climb puts you at the top of Whistle Punk… “Are we there yet?” you’ll be asking yourself. It’s all downhill from here …flowing and jumping on the way back to the trail head. Miles of sculpted dirt will keep your mind racing and your legs and arms pumped. An awesome straight away with fun, lippey tables on High Baller is the trail featured here. Cheers to Team Dirt and all the volunteers that keep this place humming! 


Yacht Burn State Forest, WA

Just across the Columbia River from Oregon and close to Vancouver, WA lie two of my favorite, ripping downhill tracks, Thrillium and Cold Creek. Cold Creek, featured in the short vid, has held many Enduro races and offers all the goods of a true PNW track.

Thrillium can be shuttled and part of Cold Creek can be shuttled, but you still have to climb to play. The top of the track starts at some radio towers and tears down the mountain for a bit over 4.5 miles. A great mix of rough tech and smooth berms and jumps await your descent. There is a creek at the bottom to stash your post ride beers and cool off.. also there is rad camping in the area. Toast the trail builders at Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance for keeping our access and maintaining some great trails!

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