Talk to a rider about a discipline other than the one they specialize in and you will find they all say the same thing.

Kimmi Runner

Of the avid MTB Downhiller, when asked about road racing, their answer will be akin to the tune of, “If I crash, it’s usually just a few bumps and bruises. Those guys whip around tight corners at over 25mph within mere inches of other dudes’ bars! Road racing is the dangerous sport!”

On the opposing side, if you ask an avid road racer their thoughts on mountain biking, answers will usually be along the lines of,” Rocks, jumps, drops… You wouldn’t find me anywhere near a sport where one has to hurl themselves and a heavy gravity bike down gaps the size of a building!” Such are the differences, and also the beauty of our beloved sport of cycling. Today we got to get upfront and personal with just how fragile-appearing the beautiful sport of Crit Racing can be.

The San Dimas Stage Race is one of the largest road races in SoCal, and draws a very competitive crowd. The event is a similar format to Tour de Murrieta, with a Time Trial, a Grand Prix, and a very grueling Criterium. We set up along the Criterium course, very close to the racers’ staging area, the start/finish, and the main spectator area. It was a perfect location to watch in awe as some of the sport’s most competitive road cyclists tore around the Crit course at unimaginable speeds.  

Smanie-sponsored teams such as Monster Media Racing and OC Armada were in attendance, and MM did very well in their racers’ respective categories. Phil Tinstman had a wonderful weekend, and placed 2nd in the Crit, and podiumed in the Omnium Overall, all on his Smanie saddles. As well, Tommy Robles once again took the Masters Grand Prix win, on his Smanie, and stood atop the podium.

It was an exciting day, and we were really proud of our racers, and very happy to support them.

The San Dimas Stage Race is one that anyone who appreciates the thrill of bike racing should come out and spectate. Some of us at Smanie prefer road, some prefer dirt, some prefer air even. However we find that there is nothing quite like a good old fashioned Sprint Finish to get us full of awe and inspiration. Be sure that a fair amount of road races are in our future to both attend, support, and sponsor. And who knows, maybe a few of us will try our hands at toeing the line at next year’s SDSR!

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